Don’t Mess With Momma and Her Fitness….

10 09 2012

Recently a well-known celebrity trainer(Tracy Anderson) gave an interview for DuJour magazine in which she discussed the topic of pregnancy and its many issues. The idea that some women over-indulge during pregnancy and consequently use the birth of their child as an excuse for neglecting to attain their pre pregnancy body. As expected, many women were royally ticked. Truth be told, I wasn’t mad at the comment. I think it was an honest assessment. After all, she’s in the business of changing bodies. Do I think it came across as snobby and insensitive? Perhaps.

The truth regarding pregnancy weight gain is simple, indulge in the things you want but don’t OVER-indulge. If you’re at a healthy weight, you need no additional calories in the first trimester, about 300 extra calories a day in the second trimester, and about 450 extra calories a day in the third trimester. Exercising throughout a pregnancy is important, unless your doctor has said otherwise.
The truth regarding post partum weight loss is simple, take it one step at a time and make it work for you. Losing all your baby weight in 3 weeks is not a healthy way to lose the weight and it’s just as unhealthy to keep the weight on for a prolonged period of time. GOALS must be set and TIME must be set aside for you to care for yourself.
Pregnancy and childbirth can tear up our bodies and we gladly sacrifice ourselves for our children. The truth is, we don’t have to sacrifice our bodies forever….we can get it back. Just like anything worth fighting for, getting back to our “normal” selves is just as important as everything else.
I say this as a woman who is 6 weeks away from having her second child. I feel like I’ve taken good care of myself. Hell, I’ve even had a few Rollo Mc Flurry’s and am itching for a funnel cake at this weekend’s Cabarrus County fair( I’ll make sure to walk my butt off and take it easy on the crap foods next week). Overall, I’ve taken the proper pregnancy steps and feel prepared. Please don’t ask me if I have his nursery done. That’d be a big N-O. I still have time on my side right? ummm…..I’m thinking not so much!
Last but not least, I’ve set my gym re-entry month as December and the goals are starting to line themselves up in my head. I have to do this because like many woman, I can get distracted and forget about myself and I refuse to do that. I’ll be a better mom and wife if I take the time to get the old “me” back. And I’ll do it in my own time and so should you. Don’t take people like Tracy Anderson so seriously when she speaks or gives interviews on the pregnancy topic. In fact, don’t take anyone (famous or not) so seriously for that matter. Set your goals, put them in motion and never look back! Good luck and believe in yourself.


Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired?

14 04 2012

I’m baaaack! And let me tell you ladies, I’m back from the happiest place on Earth. Can you guess where I went? That’s right, the almighty Disney World. That place has the best people watching you can imagine. I mean, the BEST you can find. It’ll cost you an arm and a leg but it’s worth it.

Seriously, we had a great time and rode the rides essential in the life of our four year-old. The Jungle Cruise happened to be her favorite but after 3 passes through the Nile, Congo, and Amazon the ride became redundant and typical. As a result of riding in a man made jungle, my analytical mind had an ephiany; the ride is a metaphor. You get on the fitness quest(the boat) test out the waters, try hard to implement a solid workout regime. It lasts awhile, you get distracted, discouraged by the lack of results or some random issue and decide the ride isn’t worth it. So, you get off and walk away only to decide when you have a reunion to attend, a wedding to go to, the dreaded New Year resolution to start that this new fitness quest will be different. So, you get back on the fitness boat and try it again only to realize the damn ride is the same and you’re bored and want off! We’ve all done this and trust me, there’s no shame in starting something again, but there is dissapointment when you get off the ride.

The quest to be fit and healthy is a one time ride. My suggestion is to get on that fitness boat once and ride that sucker all the way to the finish and never stop. Getting on and off a workout routine is detrimental and in most cases will never prove successful.

Your quest for health and that hot body we all want takes time. It takes YEARS! It takes commitment even when you’d rather curl up with a great book. Ladies, take the journey step by step. Crawl before you haul butt into a new workout routine. Ease your way into this lifestyle. Every day is a new day and we owe our bodies the nourishment it deserves.

So, if you’re currently on the fitness boat, stay on it! If you’re thinking of getting back on the boat, remember this is the last time you want to get back on the ride. And to those of you who are about to step foot on the boat for the first time; remember the ride is best one time. Stay on and enjoy!


Too Much Time, Too Many Excuses…

11 03 2012

168 hours. 168 excuses. Each week, the clock ticks and tocks around its beautiful face reminding us how precious time is. Many of us fill the hours with meaningful jobs, parenting duties, after-school activities and so forth. Many of us use our busy schedule as an excuse to not schedule time for exercise. I’ve heard the complaints: there aren’t enough hours in the day, I’m too tired, my child is sick, I’m bloated, etc.
Ladies(and gentlemen), all you have is time, and plenty of it if you prepare and plan. Choosing to implement time for a workout is a choice. Life is filled with choices and many people choose to avoid the dreaded “workout,” hence the excuses. I’ve calculated how much free time you actually do have to prove my point. Ready? And these are estimates..

Ok, here it goes:
168 in one week:
40 hours of work(outside of home)
2 hours of commute time(that’s super generous)
49 hours- sleep(generous amount)
6 hours-Household chores/errands
25 hours-kid shenanigans
6 hours- After school activities
4 hours-Eating
10 hours-Miscellaneous stuff

If my math is correct I’ve calculated 142 hours consumed each week. That leaves each of us roughly 26 hours each week of “free” time. I’m asking each of you to dedicate 3-5 hours each week for movement and exercise. I promise you it will be the best investment you make. When you feel good about yourself, it translates to every corner of your life. Everyone benefits from a healthy and happy mom(and dad). Plus, you show your kids the importance of an active life. What could be better?

No excuses,




5 02 2012

Attention: all you amazing moms!

My name is Holly Graue, your friendly, yet forceful personal trainer/cyber friend(until we meet in person,of course). I was mulling over topics to discuss for my first blog post and I finally realized what I had to write about before standing on my soap box.

Here goes….You have to BELIEVE in your body. Got it? I promise you, one of the keys to success in changing your body is the belief that nothing can stop you from accomplishing your goals. Don’t berate your self, don’t look at yourself in the mirror and pick out all your flaws for the day. Yes, you know you do it: “look at this cellulite,” “ugh, my muffin top is so gross,” “look at my belly rolls,” “That’s it, I’m not eating today!”


Embrace the fact that you can stand each morning with ease, pick your kids up, make dinner and everything else you amazing women do. Start believing that you have what it takes to take get your body back to where you want it. And do me a favor…make it a realistic body type. Please don’t tell me you want to look like your 20 year-old self or Giselle Bundchen. Let’s be realistic. You’ve had babies, work full-time, and happen to be the captain of the family ship.

Every day you take great care of your family with the subconscious belief in your ability to do so. Today, I want you to know that the same amazing energy you use to care for your family is the same energy you must give to your body. The only thing standing between you and your ideal body or goal weight is YOU.
Have fun, believe in yourself and get the body you deserve!

The ‘C’ word…

13 01 2012

Consistency!!! If you aren’t beating yourself to a pulp on a regular basis in and out of our gym you’re just wasting your time. What you put into your sessions is what you’ll get out of your sessions.  Just surviving will never give you the results you’re looking for.  You have to train like a racehorse and never look back.  Train hard, eat right  and live happily ever after.



You’ll never change your body until you change your brain!

11 01 2012

Stop obsessing over the number on the scale and care more about making fitness your priority. We have seen so many clients over the years and the difference between the successful and not so successful clients in terms of obtaining their goals is that the successful clients truly enjoy the journey. You have to have a positive mindset for the body to follow. Make it happen!
Best Wishes,

“Every Human Being Is The Author Of His Own Health Or Disease.” -Buddha